Monday, 23 April 2018

I have not been DIY-ing for very long at all. Sure, I've been making scrapbooks and other paper crafts since I was taught how to use scissors, but things like sewing, painting, and even using a hot glue gun are all still very new to me. I make more mistakes than I get things right, but hopefully that just means I'm learning a lot and will continue to improve as time goes on. 

I will always love making pinatas, but I have big hopes for all the DIY possibilities that I could make reality in the future, so I have got to keep trying new things and pick up as many tips and tricks along the way as I can - and share them on here, of course. While they may not be particularly mind-blowing revelations, here are just a few of the lessons that I have learned since I started DIY-ing that have helped me so far.

Tell someone your idea first, or even sketch it out.
I don't think I am a particularly smart person so perhaps I just don't think about things that are really obvious, but whenever I share an idea with Daniel, he always know if there's going to be a problem while I'm making it, and he always has a solution in mind. I can assure you that he never mansplains anything to me, he just has a really practical mind and is great at problem solving, whereas all I ever think about is the end product and I never really consider how tough it's going to be to get there in the first place. 

Simply mentioning your idea to someone can help you get another person's perspective on it and they may think of things that didn't occur to you. Alternatively, sketching things out is a good idea so you know exactly what you're going for, and you have a frame of reference to come back to. I've begun sketching out some of my baking ideas before I create them and it has been super helpful. I might even try to show you some of the sketches in the relevant posts if you guys would like to see that! I personally love seeing behind the scenes stuff, so that might be kind of fun.

Wait for your paint to dry completely before doing another coat.

I am incredibly impatient so I really struggle with this, but it's such common sense, and really important too. Whenever I try to paint another coat before the first one has tried the paint never comes out as evenly and I always regret it later. To prevent myself from doing this, I just tap into my love of multi-tasking and go off and do something else like clean or bake whilst my paint dries.

Don't mix poster and acrylic paints on the one project.
This may have been a one-time thing, and when I asked my followers on Instagram, no one seemed to know a definite answer as to why, but poster paint and acrylic paint don't like each other. I know that poster paint is awful and honestly not worth the money even though it's incredibly cheap (which is why I buy it), but I already had some and I didn't want to waste it, so I used white poster paint as the base colour for a DIY project

I painted over parts of it with red poster paint and had no problem, but when I painted over it with acrylic, it cracked every single time. I'm talking 6+ coats of paint, and all of them cracked. I ended up scraping it off and painting over it again with the white poster paint, and then a different coloured poster paint and it was fine. Someone told me it may be because one is oil-based and the other water, but whatever the reason, they did not like each other!

SAND YOUR WOOD. It's tedious as heck, but so worth it.
I'm not afraid to admit that I don't have a lot of common sense. In fact, I have quite a lot of gaps in knowledge, and it's atrocious. It all stems from not being allowed to do anything whilst growing up, which was out of my control, but I am doing all I can to remedy that as an adult. I am always trying new things and challenging myself; I'm not lying when I say I want to do all the things, but I still struggle with lack of basic knowledge, such as the fact that wood needs to be sanded before you paint it. 

I started my first wood-related DIY project this year, and it took me quite a few months to complete because I kept making mistakes and not thinking of things. One of those things is that wood that you intend on painting should be sanded. I had already painted a few layers of paint on before I realised this, so I didn't bother to go back and do it, but I am glad that I now know to do that in the future.

Paint water when you've been using black paint looks dangerously like a glass of Coca Cola.
Whilst I haven't made the mistake of picking up the wrong mug yet, I am still convinced it will happen one day...

At the end of the day, I still know next-to-nothing about crafting.
I still have so much to learn about the world of DIY, and just creating in general. There are so many things I haven't yet thought about making - let alone having actually tried to make them - and that's a pretty fun thing to realise, honestly. My DIY skills will grow as I do, and I am looking forward to all the new projects and ideas that are still to come. I hope you all stick around to see what I come up with!


I have an image in my head of future me being a DIY pro who is confident no matter what tool she may have in her hand, whether it be a paint brush, hot glue gun, saw, or even a blow torch. I am going to try my hardest to become that person, and I am going to do it for not-that-much-younger-than-I-am-right-now me, who once was terrified that she was never going to amount of anything because she wasn't taught how to be an adult and do so many basic tasks. I am going to show myself - and anyone out there who may be going through something similar - that it's never too late to learn something new, and that you can really can do anything you put your mind to. Wish me luck!

Until next time,
Indya xx

Friday, 20 April 2018

After 6 long months, I finally have a new collection post to share with you guys! I've been waiting to share this post with you for so long, but I kept buying more money boxes, which meant I had to keep re-taking all the photos πŸ˜… BUT I am trying to slow down on spending since Daniel and I want to go on another holiday this year, so I thought now would be a good time to share this collection.

I honestly can't believe that I have shared ten whole collections on here! I knew I collected a lot of things, but I didn't really think about just how much until I started sharing them on here. I still have a few that I want to share - such as my 
cookie jars and novelty salt and pepper shakers - plus a lot of the ones I've already shared desperately need updated posts. 

Both my cups and mugs and my baking items collections have grown quite a bit since I first shared them (so have my photography skills, which is honestly the biggest reason that I want to post updated versions, as those old posts are pretty bad πŸ˜¬), but none have grown more than my Sailor Moon collection

I now have designated cubes for each inner scout plus Chibiusa, and the top of those - which is where most of the items are sitting in the original post - is reserved for Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. It's honestly such a cool set-up that I think even non-Sailor Moon fans will appreciate it, but I want to purchase the Crystal Change Rods for Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter before I share the updated version.

Money boxes have been something I have collected since I was very young, but unfortunately I lo
st that collection - and all my others, most notably my crystal collection, which I was very into - after the fires. This collection would be a lot bigger now if they hadn't of happened, but there's no point dwelling on the past. A lot of good and bad things happened because of those fires, but I wouldn't change how things are now!

I actually got rid of a few money boxes recently as I had some that didn't really fit in with the rest of the house, such as a gold skull one. It was nice and all, but it was the last remaining link to my much darker, skull-obsessed days, and I'd be lying if I wasn't glad to finally rid myself of that phase.

I try to collect things that fit in with more than one collection, so they feel worth the money. For example, I collect items that are shaped like donuts, ice cream and cupcakes, so those money boxes get to stay. I also just adore vintage cameras, Hello Kitty, and typewriters, so they get to stay as well. As for the flamingo money box, I just liked it because it was cheap and bright pink πŸ˜‚

Nearly all of these money boxes were thrifted so I'm not sure where they came from, except for the donut one which I bought from Target a while ago, and the flamingo one which I picked up at The Reject Shop, also not too long ago.

I don't actually use money boxes much anymore; I used to love the un-openable ones when I was younger because it always felt amazing when you filled one up and could finally cut the top off, but I hardly ever use cash these days, unless I'm going op shopping or want sushi for lunch, as both of those places usually have an EFTPOS minimum. I still love to collect them though!


Do you guys still have a money box, or do you keep all your change somewhere else? We keep most of our change in this cute sunflower bowl so we can just grab some when Daniel needs to pay for parking at school, or I feel like grabbing a sushi roll before work, but I try to put some in a money box too as I know it'll be worth it once it's full!

Even though they seem to be going out of style, I still love collecting them, and probably always will. I certainly won't be adopting a minimalistic lifestyle anytime soon, but I don't mind πŸ˜‚

Until next time,

Indya xx

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Before anyone asks, yes, it is my mission to turn everything I can think of into sushi. This is my fourth original sushi-themed creation so far, and I already have a few more in mind, so I decided to make a hashtag for them to look back on in the future. Maybe one day I'll have enough sushi-themed projects and recipes to throw an entire sushi-themed party!

This is my first time making surprise balls, so instead of trying to actually make them properly, I decided to cheat and alter their shape a little bit... but that's okay, because sushi rolls aren't perfect circle anyway πŸ˜‰ I'm not sure where surprise balls came from, as I certainly never saw them as a kid. They're basically mini pass-the-parcels, but you don't have to share with anyone else - at least, I don't think so.

I don't have a lot of mini toys lying around the house, so whilst most of these have toys inside, one of them is filled with cute stationery pieces such as mini erasers, bulldog clips, and googly eyes. 

I don't know about you, but even as a kid I think I would prefer the stationery filled ones πŸ˜‚ That's the great thing about surprise balls, though. You can fill with 'em with pretty much whatever you want as half the fun is in unravelling them!


You will need:
♡ A selection of mini items and toys, I used about 2-4 pieces per surprise ball
♡ White streamers
♡ Black streamers
♡ Scissors
♡ Sticky tape

1. Organise your items into groups so you know which items will go into which surprise balls. It's best to only have one or two "large" items in each ball, and then have mostly small items. 

With your first group, pick out the largest item and wrap it up with white streamer until you can't see the item anymore. I decided to sticky tape the first layer of streamer onto the item to ensure that it stayed in place, and I did the same for the layer too.

2. Decide which item will be your second item. Sticky tape that onto your surprise ball, then wrap your white streamer all around the ball and item until you can't see the second item anymore. Keep in mind that your end shape is more of a square or short rectangle rather than a circle, so remember that when you're placing your items.

3. Continue to add your extra items and layers of white streamers until you have the right shape, and are unable to see any of the items underneath the streamers. 

4. Get your black streamer and measure a piece that is long enough to go around your sushi roll completely. My black streamer was as thick as my sushi roll, so I cut it thinner so that you were able to see the white streamer at the top and bottom, then stuck it on. 

... That's it! These guys were super easy to make. I definitely think I'll try to conquer an actual sphere shape next time πŸ˜‚ 

Have you guys ever heard of surprise balls before? If you could choose, what would you want yours to be filled with? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,
Indya xx

Monday, 16 April 2018

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Ahh, Sailor Mars. My first favourite character from the Sailor Moon universe, although I have since realised how great Jupiter is with her toughness and love of baking, but this post isn't about her. It's about Sailor Mars, because her birthday is on the 17th of April! Well, if we're being technical, it's actually her civilian form Rei Hino's birthday, but anyway.

If you read my recipe posts regularly, you'll know that I have been trying to branch out in the desserts that I make. Recently I have tried and conquered jelly slice, cheesecake, and whoopie pies, but I decided to go back to basics with this post. Sometimes it's just fun to whip up a good old fashion vanilla cake, and decorate wildly. Although I did want to add some kind of new element to this post, so I decided to make this a surprise cake!

I had never made a coloured cake before, but it was a lot of fun - certainly a lot easier than colouring a batch of cookie dough, that's for sure. I love the contrast of the red cake next to the purple icing, and I think all the red decorations made the whole thing look very uniform. For any of you who aren't fans of the Sailor Moon franchise, Sailor Mars is known for her mostly red outfit and purple bow, which is why I chose those colours for this cake. Now, enough talking, onto the decorating! 

You will need:
♡ Your favourite vanilla cake batter, dyed red
♡ Your favourite buttercream frosting, dyed purple (if you can't find purple food dye, mix blue and red together!)
Cake board
♡ Red Candy Melts
3D Shoe Mould
♡ Red gumballs
♡ Red fondant 
♡ A fondant rolling pin
 Baking paper, a pencil, and scissors
♡ One large heart-shaped cookie cutter (this is a great set of cookie cutters to have)
Angled spatula and small knife
Cookie letter stamps
♡ Various red sprinkles (optional)


1. Melt your Candy Melts in 30-second increments in the microwave until completely melted. Tape the two sides of your shoe mould together so they stay in place, then lean the bottom of the pointed end of the shoe on something small so that the shoe is on an angle, and you are able to fill the mould completely without any of the melted candy dripping out. Leave it aside to set. If it's taking too long, place it in the fridge, but remember to keep it on an angle.

2. Get up a photo of Mars' planetary symbol on your computer and trace around it onto some baking paper, then cut it out, including the inside of the heart.

3. Bake your cake according the directions, then place on a cake board to cool completely.

4. Cover in purple buttercream, remembering to do a crumb layer first and wait until that sets before adding your top layer. Having a revolving cake stand makes this process a lot easier. Wipe off any excess icing that has fallen onto the cake board with a damp paper towel.

5. Roll out your red fondant and use your heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out a heart. Use your cookie letter stamps to spell out the phrase "I will chastise you" (alternatively, you could also just do "in the name of Mars", but it's up to you). 

6. Carefully slide your angled spatula under the heart and place it onto your cake. Remember that there is going to be three main decoration pieces, so choose carefully how you want them placed before you put them on the cake.

7. Roll out some more red fondant onto your baking paper. Get your planetary symbol stencil that you cut out earlier and place it on top of the fondant. Carefully using the tip of your knife to cut out the planetary symbol, then discard the excess fondant. Gently soften any harsh edges with your fingers before using the angled spatula to pick up the symbol and place it onto the cake.

8. By now, your red shoe should be set. Remove the tape and carefully take off one side of the mould. It should come off relatively easily without sticking to the Candy Melt, but go slowly just in case. Take off the other side, then place the shoe on top of the cake.

9. Get your red gumballs and place them all around the outside of the cake, if you wish. I realise that gumballs aren't the best things to have on a cake as you can't swallow them, but I am just so in love with their deep red colour that I just had to include them! Decorate the remaining areas of your cake with your chosen red sprinkles. I really love these tiny red lip candies from Kmart as they remind me of Sailor Mars' iconic red lipstick.


Cutting into cakes suddenly got a whole lot more fun when you have this beautiful, bright red cake waiting for you underneath! I love the idea of surprise cakes; I've already made a batch of cupcakes with fairy floss inside, but I have a whole list of things I want to hide inside of cakes and cupcakes sometime in the future, so keep a look out for those! 

DIY Sailor Moon Crystal Star Pinata

If you could have anything come out of a cake when you cut into it, what would it be? Let me know in the comments below, and don't be afraid to get creative! It doesn't necessarily have to be practical πŸ˜œ

Until next time,
Indya xx

Friday, 13 April 2018

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Woo, boy. This post was a long time coming! I actually came up with the idea of making emoji face lemon slice bites, but they failed twice. Both times heaps of bubbles came to the top of the mixture whilst it was in the oven and completely ruined the look of the slice; it looked incredibly uneven and pale, instead of the smooth, bright yellow that I was going for. I tried it again a second time, thinking that if I whisked the mixture by hand much slower, not as many bubbles would occur, but it made no difference.

I was super bummed as I had been looking forward to making a yellow treat that I could decorate like emojis, so I started going through the list of recipes and desserts that I wanted to try, and ended up seeing one that I could make work: cheesecake. Lemon cheesecake is already slightly yellow, so it only took a couple of drops of food gel to get these guys to be the bright yellow that emojis are known for. 

I wish I had taken some time to play around with different coloured fondant so that I could have made some different emojis, but I was exhausted after making two batches of disappointing lemon slice (well, look-wise, it still tasted delicious - and it was my first try too, so go me!) so I just used what I had prepared earlier. We all know that the heart eyes emoji is my favourite one anyway, so I'm certainly not complaining. If you'd like to learn how to make your own emoji face cheesecake bites, then keep on reading!

You will need:
♡ Your favourite cheesecake mixture, dyed yellow (as this was my first time making cheesecake I don't want to recommend a certain recipe to you until I find one I love, and this one was definitely only okay πŸ˜•)
Fondant rolling pin
♡ Black and red fondant
Small round cookie cutter
♡ Baking paper, pencil, knife, and scissors
♡ Mini eyeball and lip-shaped candies (both optional)
Heart shaped cookie cutter (also optional)

Sparkling Heart Emoji Whoopie Pies

1. This almost feels like a cop-out writing an entire post about these guys when they're pretty self explanatory: bake your cheesecake according to the instructions, remembering to add a few drops of yellow food dye into the mixture beforehand to give it that signature emoji-colour.

2. Once your cheesecake has set (or cooled, if you chose a baked recipe - this one is not), cut out small circles with your cookie cutter, plus some hearts if you would like as well, as a yellow heart is another commonly used emoji. 

I recommend greasing the inside and outside of the cutter with butter before pressing it into your mixture so it doesn't get too stuck, and wash the cutter after each use. If you're having trouble pushing it out, trying pressing up from the bottom so you don't push down on the cheesecake with your fingers.

3. Wash and dry your circle cookie cutter, then trace around it onto your baking paper. Draw in your heart eyes and mouth piece, then cut those small pieces out.

4. Roll out your red fondant, place your heart eye stencils onto it, and carefully cut around the stencils with the tip of your knife. The amount will depend on how many cheesecake bites you have, and how many you wish to turn into heart eye emojis.

5. Roll out your black fondant, place the mouth stencil on top, and cut out your mouth pieces with the tip of your knife. Remember, you will need one mouth piece for every two heart pieces if you're doing the heart eye emoji.

6. Since I had some eyeball candies to play around with, I also made a tiny mouth piece out of black fondant so that I could make the "😳" emoji. You could also make eyebrows out of the black fondant if you wish as well. For my mouth, I just tore off a tiny piece of the fondant and rolled it into a tube, then carefully placed it onto the cheesecake bite. If you have other coloured fondant on hand, then feel free to play around! Use pink for those cheeky tongue-sticking-out faces, or blue for the crying ones. There's so many options to choose from!

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Behind the scenes...
If you're going to make this over two days as I tend to do when experimenting in the kitchen, I would recommend making the cheesecake on one day, and the fondant decorations the next. I made the cheesecake one day, and cut out all my fondant pieces while it was setting, but decided to wait until the next day to decorate. Unfortunately, the smaller pieces for the eyebrows and mouths had dried out and fell apart, which is why I turned to the candies in the end, even though they didn't make an actual emoji face.

Something else to keep in mind that the fondant will eventually mix in with the cheesecake, so you also don't want to wait too long after making these guys before you eat them! Right now there's a plate in the fridge of some very melted and distorted emoji face cheesecake bites, and it's honestly terrifying to look at πŸ˜‚


Where do you guys stand on the cheesecake debate: bake or no bake? Either way, do you have any recipes for me? I've definitely had cheesecakes that I like before, so I want to try out a few different recipes before I settle on my go-to one. Let me know your recommendations in the comments below!

Until next time,
Indya xx

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

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You all know how much I love my novelty holidays, I honestly don't know what the majority of my blog content would be without them! Whilst I'm not actually the biggest fan of licorice, I do think licorice allsorts are really cute. I absolutely love their bright colours, so when I found out that the 12th of April was National Licorice Day, I knew I had to create something to celebrate.

I didn't actually do much research into licorice until after I had already made these boxes, so I wasn't aware of all the health risks that were associated with licorice! High blood pressure, muscle weakness, and the chance of being poisoned if you eat too much are just a few, but that's enough for me to feel much better for not liking it!

You don't necessarily have to fill these boxes with licorice, though. You could add any candy or small toys that your recipient might enjoy. I also think it'd be really cute to add a little piece of paper with a small joke or limerick on it! I am such a sucker for really bad, cheesy jokes and puns, so that would be right up my alley πŸ˜‚ 

You will need:
3 mini square papier mache boxes
♡ White, black, orange, yellow and pink paint
Paintbrushes and cup of water
♡ Masking tape
♡ Toilet empty paper rolls, to rest the boxes on
♡ Shredded paper (that's what I used, but tissue paper would be much nicer!)
♡ Licorice Allsorts

1. Paint your boxes and their lids white. Since the insides of mine were already white, I just rested them on top of the toilet paper rolls whilst the outsides dried. If yours aren't white on the inside, just wait until the outer layers are completely dry, then paint the insides and set them aside to dry as well. Repeat with as many layers as you need.

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2. Paint the outside of one box lid yellow, another pink, and the third one orange, then rest them on toilet paper rolls to dry. Add any extra layers you may want until you get the desired coverage.

3. Place one of your boxes upside down on a toilet paper roll so that the bottom of the box is facing the roof. Stick a strip masking tape across on the top half of the side that is facing you, which should be closest to the bottom of the box. Rotate the box and continue adding a strip of masking tape to the same spot on the other three sides.

4. Paint the areas below the tape with black paint. You may also want to lift the box up by the taped off part and paint the very top edges black as well, but this is optional. Add as many coats as you need, remembering to leave the box resting on the toilet roll whilst it dries.

5. Once the black paint has dried, very carefully peel the masking tape off the box. If it peels off any paint, just add more. Now fill your boxes with shredded paper and licorice allsorts, and you're done! 


I think these would be really cute options for party favours, or even just really cute party decorations to have around the table as licorice is certainly an acquired taste that not all of us have πŸ˜…


If you're like me and love the bright colours that licorice allsorts feature, but aren't a huge fan of the taste, here are some recipes and projects that allow you to have all the good stuff without any of the same taste:

♡ Licorice Allsorts Candy Boxes by Studio DIY
♡ Licorice Allsorts Wrapping Paper by The House That Lars Built (who also has a post on how to throw a licorice allsorts-themed party and it is AMAZING)
♡ Licorice Allsorts Chocolate Fudge by Aww Sam
 Licorice Allsorts Pom Poms by Love Sewing
 Licorice Allsorts Cakes by Club Crafted

How amazing are all those projects?! I am so grateful for the internet enabling me to discover such inspirational creators from all around the world, and I really hope one day something I make will make someone as excited as I get whenever I see any of the above blogger's posts!


Where do you stand on the licorice debate? Are you for it, or against it? If it makes any different, I'm a huge fan of strawberry and raspberry flavoured licorice, but I'm not sure if that really counts πŸ˜‚

Until next time,
Indya xx

Monday, 9 April 2018

I truly believe that we play a big part in our own happiness. I went from being a sad, bitter, and angry teenager to a young adult who is in love with life and looks forward to waking up every single day. I never thought that was possible, especially not for me, but it is because that's exactly what happened. 

There are a lot of things that are out of our control and sometimes you've just got to ride them out, but certain things we can control, yet we choose not to. In hopes of helping someone else out there who is exactly like I was, who despises the world and everything in it, here are three very simple ways that you may be sabotaging your own happiness without even knowing it.

Talking badly about people.
When I think back to younger me, who would always search for the flaws in the people I was jealous of, I shudder. I thought that seeing those things, seeing those cracks within their otherwise perfect being, would make me feel better about myself, and it never, ever did. I would either compare those flaws to my own, or I would wonder why that person was liked more than I was when they were so obviously flawed, and it was all horrible. It was toxic and time wasting and not how I wish I had spent my high school years, and I feel just as bad whenever someone picks on another person's flaws. 

To the person saying it, it's just a simple comment about someone's hair or clothes, but it ends up being so much more than that. You are training your mind to look for the negative things in life, and to judge other people you don't even know for the most trivial things, and that is never, ever going to make you happy. It takes time to change your way of thinking, but once you start training yourself to look for the good parts in everything, the whole world becomes a lot brighter, believe me.

Going out all the time.
By "going out" I mean going to clubs/bars/parties, getting drunk, and feeling full of regret and vomit the next day. I know it seems like going out and having fun will be the solution to all your problems, but more often than not you'll just feel worth afterwards, or even during. One thing I have noticed is that the constant partiers are usually the ones most likely to be depressed and trying to hide their pain, and that's a really heartbreaking thing to realise. Deciding to stop drinking was a fantastic decision for me, and I do not miss it one bit. By the time I decided to stop altogether it was already something I rarely did, but it still wasn't something I enjoyed, or that made me feel any better about myself. 

When I started to think about how addictive my personality is and the fact that I grew up with an alcoholic as a parent, I knew I never wanted to drink again - but it's not just drinking that is the issue. As a teenager I was always desperate to go out; to a friend's house, to a park, anywhere just so I didn't have to be at home, and a lot of people are still like that, but avoiding your problems doesn't make them go away. Even once I moved out and it was just Daniel and I, I would still feel incredibly empty whenever I was at home for too long, and at that point I knew that it was a problem within myself, not my surroundings. 

So, I worked on myself, I evaluated how I spent my time and what changes I could make to bring more happiness into my life, and now being at home is my favourite thing in the world. Sure, I love going on new adventures and travelling as much as the next person, but I also know how happy being at home makes me, and that's something I never thought I would achieve.

Putting things off.
This goes for both bad things and good things. I will admit right now that I still do this; I put off things I don't want to do, and I put off things I do want to do because I'm "waiting for the right time". Let me tell you, all those motivational quotes you see online are true: NOW is the right time! You want to dye your hair? Start a new hobby? Go on a date? Do it, and do it now. I've been wanting to start a blog since I was 9-years-old and first saw The Perfect Man, and whilst I didn't even have internet back then so I couldn't have if I wanted to, I do wish that I had started a lot sooner than I did. Putting off happiness is a waste of time, and frankly just not common sense.

As for the things you don't want to do, putting them off is certainly not going to make you any happier either. I know you think that not doing it is better than doing it right now because you don't want to and you won't enjoy it, but putting it off and having it linger over your head until you finally crack and give in is even worse. I can't even begin to do something enjoyable like read or write a post if I know there's a pile of dishes in the kitchen, it's almost like they taunt me, so I begin each day (most of the time) by getting the more tedious things out of the way first, such as the washing and tidying up, and then I have the rest of the day to do the more fun things, and I am feeling super relaxed and good about myself for having done the other things first so I'm able to enjoy the good things even more!


I'm not a life coach, or a motivational speaker. I'm not trying to sell you anything, or convince you that how you're living your life is wrong. I am just a girl who once upon a time thought life wasn't living, and is now so head over heels in love with it that she wants to shout it from the rooftops, and I want everyone to feel that way. Life is good, it's just that some of us are yet to realise it - but you can and you will, if you start trying!

Until next time,
Indya xx