Monday, 25 September 2017

DIY Chibi Moon Compact Piñata

If you're a fan of Sailor Moon then you'll know all about Chibiusa (AKA Chibi Moon, Small Lady, and - in the English dubbed anime - Rini). You'll know that even though she is annoying, frustrating, bratty, and sometimes downright selfish, there's something about her that you can't help but love.

Her overall pinkness is definitely what made me like her initially. I am still yet to finish watching the anime and am only up to the part just before she turns into Black Lady, so until I started reading the manga, I only saw her as an annoying kid who seems to lie a lot. 

I am still yet to see many of her key character development stages within the manga as I have only read the first five volumes, but I've already gotten a much better look at who she truly is from what I have read. So, even though I couldn't stand her at first, I now completely adore her, and have been wanting to make a piñata inspired by her first quite a while.

I love her Chibi Moon Compact as it is such a gorgeous, yet simple item. I knew it wouldn't be too difficult to turn into a piñata, and that it would be pretty enough to keep on my shelves as I don't actually use my piñatas. I really think this would be perfect to have at a birthday party for anyone who loves Sailor Moon, as I do not know any Sailor Moon fans who don't like Chibiusa (and believe me, I know a lot of fans!).



♡ Two rectangular cereal boxes (the larger, the better!)
♡ Light pink streamers
♡ Dark pink streamers
♡ Pencil
♡ Scissors
♡ Yellow paper♡ Light pink paper
♡ Black permanent marker

♡ Lots of sticky tape (you could also use hot glue, but tape is more kid-friendly!)
♡ Dark pink paper (optional)


1. Cut out the front and back of one of your cereal boxes so you're left with two cardboard rectangles. Be careful not to cup up the sides too much as you will need those later on. 

2. Grab one of the cardboard rectangles and face it so that the longer edge is parallel to you. Draw a large heart shape, using up as much room as possible. Drawing on the plain cardboard side would work best, and a larger cereal box would help you get a more accurate heart shape, as the compact is actually a little longer than I made it look.

3. Once you're happy with the heart shape, cut it out and trace around it on the second cardboard rectangle and cut that one out too. Pick one of the cardboard hearts to begin with, and flip it over so that the side with the pictures is facing you.

4. Get the sides of the cereal box that you cut out earlier and stand them up around the edge of the bottom of the heart - AKA, the pointy bit - with the pictures of the edge pieces facing the inside of the heart. 

5. Tape the edges of both pieces together. Continue to work your way around the heart shape with more edge pieces until you end up with a heart-shaped bowl. Unless you're familiar with making piñatas, I would suggest cutting the strips up into shorter pieces and adding them bit by bit, especially at the curved part of the heart. 

The reason I listed two cereal boxes in the supplies is just in case you need the more sides to fit around the heart - so, if you run out of sides, just use the ones from your second box!

6. Once you get to the curved part of the heart you will need to use more tape than usual to ensure that the bent pieces of cardboard don't become unstuck and try to straighten themselves out again. This is the most difficult part of the piñata, which is why I say to have lots of tape. Just keep taking those edges down until they no longer move!

7. Fill in your heart-shaped bowl with your preferred candy or other fun surprises before getting the other cardboard heart and taping it on with the plain cardboard side facing you. Hopefully, if I've explained everything correctly, you'll be left with a 3D cardboard heart! I suggested facing all the pictures on the inside to avoid them peeking through the streamers and throwing off your design.

8. This next step is optional as it's not something that I ever see other DIY-ers do, but it's something that I like to do for good measure, which is to cover your piñata in paper that is the same colour as the streamers you're going to use. I do this because some of the streamers I buy are very transparent and the brown cardboard would show up underneath, which is not something you'd want - but, once again, this step is totally optional!

9. Now it's time for the fun part: the streamers! Get your dark pink streamers and cut out a very small strip to go across the very bottom of the heart, ensuring the bottom 1/3 of the streamer will hang over the edge of the piñata. Fringe the bottom half of your streamer strip, and tape it into your heart. 

10. Measure out a second strip of streamer that will sit above your first strip. Fringe that piece before sticking it halfway over the first strip, so that only the fringed areas are visible. Don't worry about the streamers going over the edge of the piñata just yet as we'll fix that up at the end.

11. Continue measuring, fringing and sticking your dark pink streamers all the way to the top of your heart, then get your scissors and trim away bits that are overlapping the edges. Now flip your piñata over and do steps 9 to 11 all over again!

12. For the sides, start at the bottom left side of your piñata and cut out little strips of dark pink streamers, fringing and then sticking them halfway over the ones below them, all the way up to the top of the piñata, just like you did for the front and back. Then, start from the bottom right side of the piñata and do the same thing again to the top. Be careful when trimming the overlapping parts as you might accidentally cut some of the streamers on the front of your piñata!

13. As you can see in this photo from the anime, the lighter pink area of the compact takes up more room than it does on my piñata, so you can adjust the size of your inner heart to more accurately match the anime if you like. To get the size of the inner heart that I wanted, I placed the light pink paper on top of the piñata and start sketching until I was pleased with the size and shape. Once you've drawn your inner heart shape, cut it out and decorate it with the light pink streamers using the method in steps 9 to 11, then stick that heart piece onto your piñata. 

14. For the yellow part of the compact, I Googled around until I found an image with easily traceable outlines. I then enlarged the image and held my piñata up to the screen until I was pleased with how they would match up. I really wanted to make sure that the bottom two points of the star touch the top of the inner heart, as that's how it's portrayed in the anime. I traced the lines with a pencil, then went over them again with my permanent marker before cutting the entire thing out and sticking it into the piñata.


Congratulations! You're done. I know it's difficult to follow directions without progress photos to accompany them, but as I do most of my crafting at night, the lighting is always awful whenever I try to take photos. I will work on it though - especially since improving my photography is one of my goals to achieve before I turn 22!

Those out there who do watch Sailor Moon - or have read the manga - what's your opinion of Chibiusa? Is she just a brat, or merely a kid going through a rough time? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time,
Indya xx